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"A thoroughly engaging memoir.… Cary invites readers into a complex extended family.… A distinctly American story."

Martha Anne Toll, NPR

Ladysitting: My Year with Nana at the End of Her Century

Praise & Reviews

"A profoundly moving, evocative work that puts a fully realized human face on the issue of slavery and its consequences.The Price of a Child marks the emergence of a powerful voice in American fiction."

 Paula L. Woods, Philadelphia Inquirer

The Price of a Child

“Engaging. . . . Cary creates characters with such full-bodied life that their predicaments remain vivid.” 

The New York Times Book Review

If Sons, Then Heirs


Friday, 7/19 at 10am

Rosenbach Museum and Library.

As part of the fascinating citywide Monument Lab, I get to share original Black Ice documents--after we see a first edition Phyllis Wheatley!

Thursday, 3/21, 6:30 pm

Portland Opera Company

Jubilee! libretto Reading

Culmination of the week's libretto workshop with composer Damien Geter and Portland Opera Company's wonderful young singers who taught me so much as we read, discussed--and I rewrote like  jazz!

January 1/30 at 12:15-1:15

WHYY/NPR Live On Air Studio 2 

Monday, 2/5, at 6:30 PM in person                         

The Kelly's Writers House, University of Pennsylvania

Join us for a scene reading and discussion of Lorene Cary’s play Ladysitting, currently in its world premiere at the Arden Theater. Playwright Lorene Cary will be joined by Melanye Finister, the actor playing Lorene in the Arden production, and Terrence Nolen, Arden’s Producing Artistic Director. After a scene reading/performance by Finister, the group will talk about the development of Ladysitting, including the challenges and pleasures of turning memoir into theater.




Friday, 10/6, at 3pm CT

The Little Theater, Fisk U, Nashville, TN

Fisk theater students read a first draft of my libretto for Jubilee! about the Fisk Jubilee Singers, Damien Geter, composer; Portland Opera.


About Lorene Cary

 Lorene Cary is author of the memoirs Ladysitting and Black Ice, three novels, and a book for young readers. She teaches at the University of Pennsylvania and has written a one-act opera of Ladysitting and a play, My General Tubman. She lives in Philadelphia.

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